थक कर जब घर को चला,
ना घर पे जब कोई मिला !
अधूरे मन से रोटी बनाई,
फिर से माँ की याद आई !!

अपनों से मेरी दूरी ये,
कुछ कमाने की मजबूरी ये !
सपनो के पीछे भागते,
अब हम रातो को जागते !!

कुछ ऐसी भी तो रातें थी,
बचपन की वो बातें थी !
खुद भूखी रह खिलाती थी माँ,
खुद जाग हमें सुलाती थी माँ !!

माँ तो बस माँ है,
ऐसा कोई रिश्ता कहाँ !
दो पल भी माँ रुठे अगर,
लगता ये अधूरा जहाँ !!

ऐ खुदा बस इतनी दुआ,
मेरी मां को हर खुशी मिले !
अगर कांटे हो मेरे पाँव लगे,
मां के पैरों में फूल खिले !
मेरी मां के पैरों में फूल खिले !!


Positive Vibrations – Around Children

Do you remember your early days when you were a child? Of course you remember. Do you remember how happy you used to be?

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

Do you remember how things excite you? How curious were you then?

As you remembering those things I can feel a smile on your face. Even thinking about those things makes you excited right now. Am I right?

But today, we are all lost in our daily routine or work life. We run after big achievements and neglect simple small happiness sprinkled around us. Even if we are on vacations, we often think about our work life. Anyway let it go to talk about ourselves. Today we will talk about children.

How they are full of positive vibrations?

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6 Ways to Make Happiness an Important part of your Life, Today

Everything we do in life, we do it for Happiness.

We do jobs that one day we will have enough money that we will buy things we desire and we will be happy. How simple is that.

But life has no guarantee for our future, so why don’t you do it in the present moment.

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters.” ~ Audrey Hepburn

As life goes, we are all overwhelmed by the responsibilities that we don’t have time to think about happiness.

Here, 6 Ways to Make Happiness an Important part of your Life

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10 Quotes from “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” by Robin Sharma

There was a smile almost all the time, when I read “The Monk who sold his Ferrari” couple of years back. It is filled with motivational thoughts about the purpose of life and made a great impact on me.


Let me show you my perspective on some of the quotes well sequenced below from this great book by Robin Sharma:

“Wake-up Early, Life is Short, what if today is the last night of my life, so enjoy life to the full”

We always postpone our happiness on tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes. Today is the day and this is the time. You can live now, you can smile now and you can make most of it just now. Wakeup early and create a strong foundation of the day with reading something purposeful for your life.

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”

Well I just told about wake up early. But in reality, it is not that easy until we have precise purpose of our life. What is the purpose of your life? What dreams keep you awake at night sometimes? Ask yourself today and every day until you get the answer.

“Self knowledge is the stepping stop to self mastery.”

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Motivation is just not Enough, Right Motivation is what you Need.

The big difference between the people who have dreams and one who are actually working on them is, Motivation.

“Motivation is just not enough; Right Motivation is what you need”

Some people like you, keep themselves motivated every day. They study about their dreams, plan and take some actions towards them. Motivation is important factor to get going. But sometimes motivation does not work as expected. You spent lot of time reading online or books, but it does not make much difference. Your life seem to be at the same place as it was yesterday and then you give up after some time thinking that it cannot be changed…continue reading

Meditation! Why we need it?

Meditation is an art to still our mind and to experience the peace inside.

“The whole of meditation practice can be essentialized into these 3 crucial points: Bring your mind home. Release. And relax!” ~ Sogyal Rinpoche

If you are familiar with the meditation but not getting time to do it, go ahead and start it again. We will see how much valuable it is for us. And if you have not done it till now then don’t give any excuse. Start it from today and then let me know how you feel in a week (Comments are always welcome :) ). If you are doing it, you are awesome.

 Why we need meditation: continue reading..

No Matter What, Always Be Yourself

We are GOD’s Greatest creation. We are all here to serve different purpose. Yet, sometimes we doubt ourselves. We take another person’s opinion so personally, that we want to change our self.

I am not saying changing yourself is always wrong. But it is wrong, if you are doing so for the sake of others. It is wrong, if that change stops you becoming you. It’s your life and live it in your way.

“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Sometimes we see people are comparing… continue reading

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